Logis Multimodal Service Ltd
Logis Multimodal Service Ltd
Office 313, 60,, Engelsa Str, Mariupol, 87532, Ukraine
Contact:Vladimir Osipov
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Our company “LOGIS Multimodal service ltd’’ was established in 2006 and since that time perform the transshipment and transport of project cargoes in CIS countries.
We propose our services in Ukraine, in Odessa, Illichevsk (Chernomorsk), Kherson, Mariupol ports and other ports of Ukraine and CIS.
We have wide experience of transshipment/transportation of oversized/heavy lift cargoes from all over the world to CIS countries.

We also engage in brokerage services in shipping industry. We act as Shipbroker in Sale & Purchase international market of commercial vessels.
We have a very good cooperation and personal relationships with numerous Ship Owners (Sellers), Customers and reputable brokers worldwide.

The benefits, which our Client’s obtain during work with us are as follows:

- more than 10 years of experience with different kind of oversized cargoes transportation
- full control and organization of operations by our own staff
- usage of certified lifting equipment
- coordination with port authorities timely berthing of the vessels
- special works as removal of obstacles, special engineering
- international insurance
- flexible payment conditions
- experience in a shipping industry including brokerage for Sale & Purchase of commercial vessels and chartering.

We are glad to offer to our Clients the competitive rates, prices as well the best conditions and services for transport and brokerage in sale & purchase of commercial vessels.
Our contact details are as follows:
Alexander Osipov,
Director of "LOGIS Multimodal service ltd.”,
Office 313,
60, Engelsa
87532, Mariupol, Ukraine
Tel. +380 629410849
Mob. +380 676 290949
e-mail: a.osipov@logisgroup.net
Skype: Alexander Osipov LOGIS

S & P brokerage for commercial vessels:
Vladimir Osipov, broker
E-mail: tcbmar@rambler.ru Ph:
+ 380 629 41 23 29
Skype: merchantshipping

Website: http://logismms.com.ua

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We can offer for sale subject unsold Sea-River General Cargo Ship abt. 2400 DWT built 1992 in Germany as follows: Mv “TBN” MPP General Cargo Ship Abt. 2400 dwat on 4.4 m draft built: 1992 at ROSSLAUER in Germany Class: IACS Member Surveys freshly passed. LOA: 75.00 m Beam 11.4 m Depth 5.5 m ho / ha 1 / 1 grain / bale: 2550 / 2550 cbm Single Box hold/hatch 47.4m x 9 x 6m Gearless M/E: 2 x Cummins - KT-19-M3 894 kw at rpm 1,800 Driving Schottel Rudder propellers Speed: 10.0 kn Auxiliaries: 3 x CummIns 74kva Bowthruster: 100KW Trading in North Europe. All d... read more

Length: 75.00m
Location: Trading in North Europe. Ukraine
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ID: 584573  (Trade)
Posted: 14 hours ago

We can offer for sale subject unsold General Cargo Ship abt. 3300 DWT built 1995 in The Netherlands as follows: MV "TBN" General Cargo Ship – heavy cargo – Strengthbottom Gearless Abt. 3300 Dwat on 4.6 m Draft Built: 1995 in Netherlands Loa 90.0 m Beam 12.5 m Depth: 6.0 m Class: IACS Member Navigation Notations: Unrestricted navigation Hold /Hatch: 1 / 1 Hatch Cover (Pontoon type): Tank top: 15 t/m2 / Hatches: 1,5 t/m2 Hold (Steelfloor): 63,0 X 10,2 X 6,4 m Hatch: 63,0 X 10,0 m Hold capacity: 4078 cbm 116 TEU No reefer plugs M-E: 1 x MaK 8M20, 1360 k... read more

Length: 90m
Location:Trading in North Europe. Ukraine
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ID: 584424  (Trade)
Posted: 1 day ago

We can offer for sale subject unsold Small Self Discharger Singledecker abt. 910 DWT built 1978 in Germany as follows: MV “TBN” Singledecker Abt. 910 tdw on 3.40 m loaded built 1978 Jadewerft, Germany SS and DD fresh passed dims 57.70 x 10.1 mtrs 1 hold – 37.0 x 9.52 x 4.5 m height steel floor - 1357/1288 cbm gr/bl capacity 1 hatch mac gregor = 30.5 x 6.5 m 27 TEU containers Excavator CASE CX 240 B - outreach 10 mtrs - bobcat - extra grab ME: Mirrlees Blackstone 469 hp at 750 rpm Two auxiliary engines Lister each 50 kW and one Cummins 30 kW Kort Nozzle rudder ... read more

Length: 57.70m
Location:Inspection/Delivery in North Europe. Ukraine
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ID: 592877  (Trade)
Posted: 7 days ago

We can offer subject unsold MPP General Cargo Sea-River Ship abt. 1800 DWT built 2000 in The Netherlands as follows: MV "TBN” MPP General Cargo Sea-River Ship Abt. 1800 DWT on 3.2 m draft Built: 2000 in The Netherlands Class: IACS Member LOA: Abt. 80 m Beam: Abt. 11.40 m Depth 3.8 m Aidraft 4.50 m (loaded) 7.10 empty Ho/Ha 1/1, of 52.50 x 9.12 x 5.65 m Hatchcovers - hydraulic stack pack system( Piggy back) Grain/bale 2,666/2,666 cbm tanktop 12 tn/m2 M-E:. 2 x Volvo Penta - TAMD163A 1008 BHP at rpm 1800 twin Rudder Promac Speed: 10.0 kn Bowthruster Veth Inspect... read more

Length: 80.00m
Location:Trading in North Europe Ukraine
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ID: 592704  (Trade)
Posted: 9 days ago

We can offer for sale subject unsold Small Oil Products Bunkering Tanker / Single hull abt.800 DWTbuilt 1982 in Germany as follows: MT “TBN” Motortanker/Single hull Abt. 800 DWT on 3,1 m draft Built: 1982 in Germany Dimensions : 58,00 m length o.a. 10,00 m breadth 4,65 m depth to maindeck Class: IACS Member Tanks: 8, capacity: 1.020 cbm, zinc-silicate, zinc coated, single coiled, boiler Pumps: 2 x 400 cbm/h 2x200 cbm/h Engine : Callesen - 600 HP at 425 rpm - type 427-FOT Speed : 10 knots Aux. ... read more

Length: 58.10m
Location:Trading in North Sea coast Ukraine
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ID: 590812  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

We can offer for sale subject unsold Geared General Cargo Ship abt. 4800 DWT built 1984 at Sietas, Germany as follows: MV “TBN” GENERAL CARGO SHIP ICE CLASS 1D BLT 1984, JJ SIETAS HAMBURG, GERMANY LOA 88.6M BEAM 15.5M DEPTH MOULDED 8.3M SUMMER DRAFT 7.00M WINTER DRAFT 6.9M HEIGHT TO MAST HEAD ABOVE KEEL 32.5M DWT SUMMER ABT. 4800MT HOLD DIMENSION 53.30 X 12.575M CAPACITIES WITH TWEEN DECKS IN HOLD GRAIN 5553CBM/196100CBF - BALE 5471CBM/193210CBF CAPACITIES WITHOUT TWEEN DECKS IN HOLD GRAIN 5852CBM/206600CBF - BALE 5770CBM/203770CBF CONTAINER CAPACITY: 256 X 20&rs... read more

Length: 88.60m
Location:Presently trading in Mediterranean – Black Sea. Ukraine
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ID: 590473  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

We can offer for sale subject unsold General Cargo Ship abt. 4650 DWT built 1986 by Sietas KG, Germany as follows: MV TBN" Gearless General Cargo ABT 4650 DWAT ON ABT 6,5M (DWCC ABT 4,250T) BLT:1986 BY SIETAS KG, GERMANY CLASS: IACS Member ICE Class Finish/Swedish 1B DIM: 92,40 X 15,5 X 8,3 M 1 BOXSHAPED HOLD GRAIN/BALE: ABT. 6145/6030 CBM STEEL TT 1 HATCH - 55.27X12.57M - FOLDING TYPE COVERS INTAKES: CONTAINER: ABLE TO CARRY ABT 321 TEU TIMBER: ABT 4000 SCBM LOGS (INCL. 1300 SCBM ON DECK) WOODCHIPS: ABT 6200 CBM M-E: MAK 6M350AK - 2468 BHP AT 700 RPM LDT: ABT 1,708 TO... read more

Length: 92.40m
Location:TRADING BALTIC Ukraine
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ID: 590304  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

We can offer for sale subject unsold Small General Cargo Ship abt. 1100 DWT built 1983 in Germany as follows: MV “TBN” ABT 1,100 MTDW ON 2.90M DRAFT BLT 1983 KOETTER GEBR., GERMANY LOA: 74.50M BEAM: 9.50M DEPTH: 4.90M CLASS: IACS Member 1 HO: 45 X 7,50 X 5,30M 1 HA, (PIGGY-BACK) BOX HOLDS 2 MOV. BULKHEADS GRAINFITTED GRAIN / BALE: 1891 M3 /1874 M3 2 DKS ME: 1X DEUTZ, RSBA6M258, 600 BHP 750 RPM GEN: 1 X 0, SHAFT SPEED: 10.00 KN BOWTHRUSTER Trading in Continent/Baltic Sea. All details about and given in good faith without guarantee. Please advise a... read more

Length: 74.5m
Location:Trading in Continent/Baltic Sea. Ukraine
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ID: 588932  (Trade)
Posted: 2 months ago

We can offer for sale subject unsold Small Geared General Cargo/Container Ship abt.1300 DWT built 1986 in Denmark as follows: MV "TBN" General Cargo / Container Ship BUILT: 1986, DENMARK CLASS: IACS Member ICE CLASS: 1C FIN-SW DWT: ABT 1300 MT LOA: 68.0 M BREDTH: 10,0 M DRAFT 3,7 M DEPTH: 6,0 M Number of decks: 2 Number of holds: 2 GR /BALE: 2149 M3 / 1892 M3 Number of bulkheads: 5 MAN B+W ALPHA DSL 599 KW DERRICKS: 2 X 8 MT 51 TEU - 8 REF CONTAINERS SPEED: 10 KN Trading between North Europe – Scandinavia. All details about and given in good faith... read more

Length: 68m
Location:Trading between North Europe – Scandinavia. Ukraine
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ID: 588635  (Trade)
Posted: 2 months ago

We can offer for sale subject unsold Small Geared General Cargo Ship abt. 600 DWT built 2004 in France as follows: MV "TBN" Single Deck Cargo General Cargo Ship - Coastal area – Strengthbottom DWT: abt. 600 Tons on 2.60 m Built: 2004 in France CLASS: IACS Member Dim: 40 m x 7,80 m Depth: 3,5 m Deck crane : Petrel FC 40, 3 Ts at 12 m - 4,5 Ts at 8 m Main engine : CUMMINS - KT 38 M - - 1800 rpm - 442 kW - Fix propeller Aux aft : Cummins 49 KW - Aux fore : Cummins 60 KVA Speed : 10 knots Bowthruster : 147 kW Trading in Europe. All details about and given in ... read more

Length: 40m
Location:Trading in Europe. Ukraine
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ID: 585274  (Trade)
Posted: 3 months ago

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