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10hp 1
18hp 1
2003T  2
28hp 2
40hp 1
55hp 1
AQD21A 1
D1-13 4
D1-20 4
D1-30 6
D11-725 1
D12 4
D2-40 2
D2-50 2
D2-60 2
D2-75 6
D3 1
D3-140 1
D3-160 1
D3-190 1
D6 2
D9 575 2
KAD 42 1
MD 100B 1
MD 11C 1
MD 2010 1
MD 2020 1
MD 2030 2
MD 2040 1
MD 22 1
MD 2B 1
MD 30 1
MD 40 2
MD 5A 1
MD 7A 2
MD 7B 2
MD11C 1
MD11D 1
MD17C 1
MD17D 1
MD21A 1
MD22A 1
MD2A 1
MD5A 1
MD70AK 1
TAMD121 2
TAMD122 3
TAMD22 1
TAMD41 2
TAMD61 1
TMD 30A 1
TMD 31 1
TMD40A 1
TMD40B 1

Volvo Penta TMD31L-A 100hp Marine Diesel Engine Package (PAIR AVAIL)
Volvo Penta TMD31L-A 100hp Four Cylinder Turbocharged Heat Exchanger Cooled Marine Diesel Engine With PRM 3:1 Reduction Hydraulic Gearbox, Deluxe Control Panel & Extension Loom. We have a selection of these units available, all from a very reputable operator who has maintained these engines from new as part of their fleet. Choices as follows: Engine 1. 5000hrs £4995. Top end overhauled at 4500hrs. Engine 2. 3600hrs £5295 Engine 3. 1400hrs since full rebuild. £5695 Engine 4. ZERO HOURS since full rebuild £6495 All are 12V electrics and fitted with PRM 3:1 Hydraul... read more

Location:Dorset UK
Price: £4,995
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ID: 629135  (Trade)
Posted: 1 day ago

Volvo Penta 2002
Volvo Penta 2002   £1,250
Good runner, with downangle MS gearbox, instrumentation and harness. The gearbox has been modified to a hexagon drive at a cost of £750.... read more

Location:West Yorkshire UK
Price: £1,250
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ID: 399948  (Trade)
Posted: 1 day ago

VOLVO TAMD 121C. Two engines are available. Price is each engine. Both were operational before disconnected and removed. Have been in a Nelson Pilot Boat. 350Hp each at 1800 RPM. 6 cylinder turbo charged. Fuel pumps recently overhauled. Bob tail, no gearboxes. Unsure on total hours, but circa 2000 hours since last rebuild in 2005/2006.... read more

Location:Isle of Wight UK
Price: £4,995
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ID: 593414  (Trade)
Posted: 3 days ago

Volvo Penta TAMD103A
Very tidy engine, 350hp approx heavy duty with heavy duty PTO on the front. It can be supplied with gearbox to suit customers requirements. Good quality second hand engine. 24V No instrumentation but can be supplied at extra charge. Ideal for fishing boat or heavy duty tug or large cruiser.... read more

Location:West Yorkshire UK
Price: £6,950
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ID: 565376  (Trade)
Posted: 3 days ago

Volvo Penta D6-350A-B / DPH Sterndrive Marine Diesel Package
Volvo Penta D6-350A-B 350hp 6 Cylinder Turbo Intercooled, Heat Exchanger Cooled Supercharged Marine DIesel Engine Package With Volvo Penta DPH Sterndrive, Transom Assembly, Full Instrumentation & Control Package. This unit has been removed from a professionally operated sportsboat to be replaced with a waterjet drive package for use in shallow water. It has a total of 8000hrs logged on the ECU but was fully rebuilt on a new longblock engine at just under 6000hrs. Fantastically well maintained and in excellent order with no leaks or weeps. Coolers regularly cleaned and serviced every 2... read more

Location:Dorset UK
Price: £11,995
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ID: 620678  (Trade)
Posted: 5 days ago

Volvo Penta D3 160
Brand new bobtail engines in box. Can be supplied bobtail or as a package with drive or gearbox to suit your boat. Matched pair available. Instrumentation and controls can also be supplied.... read more

Location: UK
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ID: 599069  (Trade)
Posted: 5 days ago

Brand new engines matched pair or can be sold separately. Engine and gearbox £2950 per engine plus instrumentation. Suitable for a yacht, catamaran or small boat.... read more

Location:West Yorkshire UK
Price: £2,950
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ID: 599067  (Trade)
Posted: 5 days ago

NEW Volvo Penta D1-13 13hp Marine Diesel Engine & Gearbox Package
Brand New Crated Volvo Penta D1-13 13hp Two Cylinder Heat Exchanger Cooled Marine Diesel Engine Package Complete With Flexible Mounts, Control Panel, Tacho Kit, Wiring Loom, Your Choice Of Straight Or Downangle Output Gearbox With Full Volvo Penta Warranty. Retail Price Of £5,330.00 inc VAT However, at Marine Enterprises, we are able to offer a massive discount of £799.00 off the retail price in exchange for your old engine package giving a final price of £4,531.00 inc VAT!!!!! Any make or model of inboard diesel will be accepted. Running or Non Running. So long as it is comp... read more

Location:South West, Melbury Osmond Dorset UK
Price: £4,531 Tax Paid
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ID: 615909  (Trade)
Posted: 6 days ago

Volvo Penta AQD21A 75hp Sterndrive Marine Diesel Engine PAIR AVAILABLE
Volvo Penta AQD21A 75hp Four Cylinder Heat Exchanger Cooled Marine Diesel Engine With Volvo Penta 270 Sterndrive Adaptation. We have a pair of these engines available. They were stored by a client for several years pending completion of a project which has ultimately been abandoned. The engines were tested and partially overhauled before being placed in storage some years ago. Our workshops have test run both units and apart from one needing some replacement fuel system parts, they both start and run as they should. Manifolds and heat exchangers are in good order with no cracks or pinhol... read more

Location:Dorset UK
Price: £2,295
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ID: 628593  (Trade)
Posted: 9 days ago

Volvo Penta D3-140 With SX Sterndrive Package - NEW OLD STOCK
Volvo Penta D3-140 Sterndrive Marine Diesel Engine Package Complete With Instruments & Controls, SX Sterndrive, SX Transom Shield & Trim Pump, Stainless Steel Propeller Etc. This is a 2014 year package, brand new in its crate. It has been used for display purposes in a showroom and at various boatshows over the past 5 years and is now surplus to requirements. Due to age, the manufacturers warranty has expired but for peace of mind, we will give a 3 month RTB warranty on the package, starting from the date of commissioning to allow the new owner to trial the engine. This is a... read more

Location:Dorset UK
Price: £12,995
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ID: 628587  (Trade)
Posted: 9 days ago

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